Digital guest directory

Digital guest directory - the tablet in every room

The guest folder is available to you around the clock during your stay.
All important hotel information such as food and drink menus, updates with e.g. our arrangements,
current food and drink menus, our hotel A-Z, cuisine, greeting cards to send digitally,
Entertainment, regional service, beautiful excursion destinations and much more can be found here,
as well as the opportunity give quick feedback.


Hotel - App - We are also there for you on the go
Download our free hotel app and we'll be there with excursion destinations, route
planners and much more Info about the page.

You can find the app in our tablets under Hotel App - simply scan the QR code and
you will be forwarded automatically.


We join. For the environment.
Only use the room cleaning if you really need it - in the digital guest folder,
but you can also cancel room cleaning at our reception!