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Stop by the brewery & restaurant and
try our new dishes on the brewery menu

Crispy pork knuckle                                €18.90
(approx. 650g)
with sauerkraut and potato-herb dumpling

Kale plate                                                 €18.90
Kale with crackers, smoked pork,
plus potatoes

Brauhaus ribs                                         19.90 €
(approx. 500g)
Marinated pork ribs with
Steakhouse fries and homemade

Brauhaus pan                                         24.50 €
Crispy knuckle, poultry, bratwurst, Krakauer,
with red cabbage or sauerkraut with potato and herbs
Dumpling and dark beer sauce
Stadtkrug-Bräu 0.5l

We wish you bon appetit and enjoy your meal!

(subject to change)