Sustainability  is important to us

Sustainability is an important factor today, and the hotel and catering industry is no exception. For us it is very important and a matter close to our hearts to integrate
sustainability and to enable you as our guest to have an environmentally friendly and sustainable stay.

We're certainly not perfect in everything yet, but we're working on it. We have invested a lot over the last few years and it was worth it!
Improve energy efficiency in several areas, solar & photovoltaic systems, electric charging station, save water, avoid portion packaging,
vegan/vegetarian dishes, digital guest directory instead of “paper information”, possibility to unsubscribe from room cleaning, some regional products and much more.


Sustainability – what are we actually doing?

Renewable energy - solar & photovoltaics
We have had solar and photovoltaics for many years and can partly supply ourselves. The remaining requirements are covered with green electricity.

Recharge your batteries - vacation with an electric car
Traveling to our Hotel Am Markt & Brauhaus Stadtkrug by electric car is no problem. Charging is partly done with our own electricity that we generate.

For the love of the environment - vacation by bike
We have a bicycle room that is locked in the evenings. So traveling by bike is no problem for us.

E-bike charging station
An incentive to go on holiday by bike and at the same time active fire protection so that the batteries are not charged in the room

Campaign tree – we are there
As a hotel, we support this approach and want to actively contribute to protecting our local forests. Some costs we incur by unsubscribing

When you save on room cleaning, we donate it to the Aktion Baum organization - so you too can make a valuable contribution! – heating control
Reduce CO² emissions
The automatic and intelligent energy management controls depending on occupancy
the room temperature and sustainably reduces costs.

Digital guest directory
The guest folder is available to all guests during their stay –
This is how we minimize paper and inform our guests digitally!

Regional products
Everything isn't working yet - but we're working on it! Some of us are already cooking with you
regional products

Breakfast buffet - portion packaging
We almost avoid plastic packaging/portion packaging for breakfast and rely on a sustainable and modern buffet.

We have replaced our old lamps in the public areas and in (almost) all rooms with LEDs.

Sustainability in hotel rooms & holiday apartments
Our toothbrush cups are made of paper with a lid that is plastic-free.
We also use dispensers for shower gel, soap, etc. instead of small packaging.

Minibar - comfort at the expense of the environment?
Did you know that a so-called minibar uses almost four times as much electricity as a classic household refrigerator used up?

People often ask about the minibar fridge - but we decided to leave them in just a few rooms and they will only be employed there when needed.

Our alternative to the minibar - the drinks machine on the 2nd floor, right next to
Elevator. There you will find chilled drinks, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic
large selection.

Change of towels
If requested, we will change your towels daily.

For our environment:
Towels on the holder:
“I’ll use it one more time.”
Towels on the floor: “Please replace them!”

shower heads

With our water-saving shower heads we save water and energy.

freezers and chests
We replaced our freezers and chests - and paid attention to environmental friendliness. Energy efficiency class B & C, as well as LED lamps for interior lighting –
power consumption is reduced

Waste management
We avoid waste wherever possible.

  • Our paper and cardboard waste is taken to the recycling center and further processed there.
  • We send our guests information paperlessly in our digital guest directory
  • Plastic straws are a thing of the past for us - we have paper or edible straws.
  • Waste separation - Our employees keep an eye on this and separate all rubbish from the rooms. The employees in the kitchen and in service also ensure that waste is separated correctly

booking confirmation and Bill
We send invoices and booking confirmations by email, only in paper form if requested

Digital invoices
We work with a digital billing program and thus minimize the “flood” of paper

And we're far from finished - we're working on implementing a lot more!